Goodbye Greenscreen


There are two keying modes, „Background“ and „Color“.

Background Mode

In this mode you provide the plugin with a video or image of background+subject and a still image of the background alone. Best, during recording you make sure to capture a frame without the subject. Lightning between both clips should be as similar as possible and the colors of the foreground subject shouldn’t be present in the background layer. Both layers don’t have to align 100% percent. If they contain enough visual clues (like the wall pattern in the example above, text boards or other features of high contrast) they can be perspectively aligned by the plugin.

Background layer

This is the layer with the clean background plate as described above.

Match Perspective

If your foreground+background video and your background plate don’t match 100% (e.g. the foreground+background video was shot handheld) switch this on and both layers will be perspectively aligned. You can always check the result of the alignment by setting „Output Mode“ to „Warped Background“. If your footage already aligns very well (because it was shot from a tripod), leave this off.

Maximum Matchpoints (only with Match Perspective)

Set maximum amount of features to find for perspective matching. Increase this value if perspective alignment doesn’t produce stable result.

Use Percentage of Matches (only with Match Perspective)

The higher you set this value, the more percentage of the features found are used for perspective matching. E.g. setting this to 10% will use the best 10% of all features.


The AI engine used internally. „Low“ can be alot faster than „Ultra“, but „Ultra“ gives the best result.

Refine Amount

Refinement of the edges. Set to a higher value at the cost of performance.

Output Mode

Choose between „Result“, „Matte“, „Warped Background“ or „Matchpoints“.

Color Mode

This is a simple AI based color keyer, in which you only set a color. Color mode can be used if the background is of uniform color and doesn’t require an background layer.

Output Mode, Engine & Refine Threshold as above


The color to key.

Automask Mode (experimental)

This will detect salient objects.

Output Mode, Engine & Refine Threshold as above

Automask mode

Use „Generic“ for arbitrary footage and „Human“ for footage of persons.

Use GPU (only if plugin was installed in GPU mode. See 1.1.)

Run the AI engine on the GPU. This may drastically increase performance at the cost of stability. You probably can’t use any other GPU accelerated effect together with this option. Save and restart AE if the plugin crashes in this mode.

Use Half

Speed up calculations on NVidia cards 20xx and above.


You get a message „Not enough features to match.“ This can happen if you use the „Match Perspective“ feature, but your foreground+background and background video don’t contain enough visual clues to match the perspective. Set the „Use Percentage Of Matches“ to a higher value. Experimenting with this value may be required, since a higher value will also incorporate features of lower quality into the matching process. Best solution is to make sure during the recording, that your footage contains enough visual clues. If you are in a studio setup, you could place tracking markers in the corners of your frame (they shouldn’t intersect with the foreground subject!).

Rendering is slow Use „Low“ engine for faster preview. We are also working on GPU support for Nvidia cards.

Result is not as desired Please open a support ticket on and, if possible, provide us with examples of your footage.