Couldn’t find main entry point for…

After Effects can’t find the shipped dll’s. Please check 3. under Windows.

Crash in GPU version

In case you experience random crashes, it may be due to the GPU driver being shutdown by the OS if a computation takes too long.

Please follow the instructions here to make your GPU support longer computations:

Legal notice: Please note that editing the registry can have serious, unexpected consequences to the system. However, it is not expected that the linked instructions cause such issues. Blace Plugins takes no responsibility for any damage caused to your system by modifying the system registry.

Send us a log

Under C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\blace-plugins\<plugin-name> you find several log files. Please send them to us via the aescripts support ticket.

Send us a log (manual)

Please start under “\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects 20xx\Support Files”. This is basically After Effects with an console. Once you run into a problem, press Ctrl+A in the console to highlight the output. Right Click on the title bar, go into “Edit” and then press “Copy”. Paste the text into a text file and send it via the support ticket.