I Ate Mushrooms


I Ate Mushrooms is a image and noise generator based on a pretrained BIGGAN (https://github.com/huggingface/pytorch-pretrained-BigGAN). It can generate images and videos from 1000 different objects and living beings as well as interpolations and abstract variations of those images. To start, add the plugin to a solid layer.



In this section you can define the content you want to display. Choose a number of classes and assign different classes and their respective influences on the image. This way you can mix different objects.

You can find a overview over the different classes here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YY6LrQSxIbc


The noise that influences the generated image. “Generated” uses a precoded noise function and a seed, which is also loopable (every 360°)! “Custom Layer” lets you choose another layer which then feeds the image ai with noise.



The output resolution of the model. The smaller the faster.

Creativity, Empty Stomach, Bright Lights, Funky Music, Overtired

Some random sliders that affect your trip through the ai’s space alot.



How the ai’s output is scaled on the effects layer.


Choose “Nearest” for a blocky appeareance, and “Bilinear” “and Bicubic” for a smooth image interpolation.

Use Superresolution

An ai based upsampling of the image. This together with model resolution “Low” can give good and fast results.

Backend & Performance

Use GPU (on GPU version of the plugin only)

Run calculations on the GPU. This will give massive speedups compared to CPU mode.

Lower Precision

Compute with reduced precision if possible. This can save up to half of the memory and give you some speedups.

Computation Tiles

Split the computation into several tiles. This can help if you run out of memory.